On this page you will find all kinds of tools to help you use SmartTrade.

FAQ | Frequently asked questions

1. Is SmartTrade for Business Central available in my country?

SmartTrade is available for English and Dutch speaking countries: UK, USA and the Netherlands. We deliver SmartTrade on premise and as a extension and as app on AppSource.

2. How do I install SmartTrade?

Download the App from AppSource. Send an email to We help you configuring SmartTrade.

3. Do I need a consultant to configure SmartTrade?

Yes. SmartTrade is Business Central for Trading and Distribution Companies. We developed standardized packaged for starters and more advanced companies. Nevertheless we must help you in order to get up and running and avoid the pitfalls.

4. What does SmartTrade costs?

You need to buy a Business Central user (essential, premium, team) and a SmartTrade user. Ask the pricelist at

5. How long does it take me to implement SmartTrade?

A normal implementation takes three months.

6. What can I expect from an implementation?

We start with a fit-gap workshop than we configure SmartTrade and Business Central together we your organization we educate the employees, put in the starting data and go live.

7. Can we implement SmartTrade online?

Yes this is possible, but we prefer to do the fit gap analysis on premises and the education as well.

8. Do you have a support portal?

Yes you can send support questions 24 x 7 to our portal in English or Dutch to We answer during Dutch business hours. During Dutch business hours you also can call us.

9. What is the ideal size of the company that uses SmartTrade?

The business case of SmartTrade can easily be made for companies with a minimum of 8 users. We think the ideal size is between 15-50 users.

10. Do you also have a reporting solutions that works with SmartTrade?

Yes we recommend Exsion Reporting. Also available in Appsource. Exsion is an Excel based reporting tool.

11. Who owns SmartTrade?

SmartTrade is owned by HB Software a Dutch software house with almost 30 years experience in the ERP and reporting field.