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 Book an Informal ‘Digital Insight for Trading Companies’ Talk!

Because digitalization involves much more than just technology, we would like to discuss it with you. In this talk, you will discover the meaning of digitalizationfor modern trading companies and its benefits, as well as the potential pitfalls. In addition to thinking in terms of our solution, which has been especially created for and by trading companies, we particularly focus onyour business operation and how to integrate technology and people.

Amongst others, we will discuss the following topics:

  • How do I keep my webshop and financial software in sync, without double entry?
  • How do I effectively manage my logistics service providers?
  • How do I set up my warehouse and optimize my stock?
  • Can I run a completely paperless office?
  • What do I have to invest?

After the talk, you will have gained insight in:

  • The possibilities of digitalization through a Microsoft platform;
  • The role HB SmartTrade can play within it;
  • Which steps you and your organization can take next to ensure smart digitalization.

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