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HB SmartTrade is business software for (international) trading companies, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and configured such that it provides insight in the complex world of trade. Everything becomes more transparent, resulting in improved time and margin management.

Here, you will find a number of HB SmartTrade highlights. To give you an impression, key features are listed by functional area. In addition to these major modifications, the software also contains numerous minor updates, made based on years of experience with ERP implementations for a wide variety of customers.

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HB SmartTrade offers solutions to your problems

Read below what customers encounter and what solution HB SmartTrade offers


I Do Not Know What Profit Margins Are Made on Contracts or Consignments of Goods



By allocating all procurement and sales costs to products, product variants and/or consignments, clear insight into the costs, turnover and margins made on products, product variants, consignments and/or contracts can be provided at all times.

Additional Costs Incurred Afterwards, for Example, Storage Costs for an External Warehouse Are Not reflected in Profit Margins and Cost Prices of Products

Business Central and HB SmartTrade always allow you to allocate additional costs to products, product variants and/or consignments, even when out-of-stock. Costs are calculated retrospectively for all applicable transactions.


Getting a Realistic Picture of the Costs Involved with Placing Procurement Orders Is Very Time-Consuming.

I Have to Search Extensively for Costs Related to Freight, Transport, Import Duties Etc.

HB SmartTrade records all costs and related agreements made in the system. The use of cost templates ensures that all applicable costs are included in the purchase document, so you only have to focus on possible exceptions.

When Billing Incoming Purchased Goods or Related Costs in Foreign Currencies, I Always Have to Look up the Exchange Rate Against Which They or the Foreign Currencies in Question Were Purchased

HB SmartTrade records guaranteed exchange rates at estimate or contract level. All follow-up transactions that arise from estimates or contracts are recorded using the same guaranteed exchange rate.

When billing received goods, the same guaranteed exchange rate is used. You can enforce a check, if so desired.

I Have No Idea of the Whereabouts of Containers and Their Exact Contents

HB SmartTrade’s transport module records which purchase and sales records are connected to a given container. Transport orders are used to register which cargo a given container is part of, or on which ship it is located. Per route, the ETD and ETA are recorded and immediately updated in the associated purchase and sales rules.  You can also use live tracking to display a given ship’s exact location.

I Do Not Know the Exact Stock Value of Goods in Transit

In HB SmartTrade you can configure a stock location to receive purchase orders in a ‘Goods in Transit’ location, thus creating stock that is unavailable for sale and a temporary stock value in the general ledger.

Upon receipt and check-up in the warehouse, this stock is moved to the regular stock location, thus revealing the actual stock value in the general ledger. This functionality provides a more accurate idea of the total stock value, which can play a crucial role when financing the purchase of goods.

I Have to Rely on Additional Software and Support from Another Vendor for Quality Management and Control of Incoming Goods

HB SmartTrade is equipped with a quality module, allowing you to preconfigure which products should be tested upon receipt of goods.  This way, you can get an accurate idea of the quality of products of a specific vendor. Test results are recorded within the application. During testing, the stock is unavailable for sale or other operational processes.

Depending on the test results, rejected assignments are quarantined immediately, thus making them unavailable for sale or other operational processes.

Contracts and Product References Must Always Be Copied to Individual Clients and Maintained in Multiple Locations

With HB SmartTrade, you can link individual clients in a group to a single ‘contract client’, thus allowing you to centrally maintain all product references and contracts for an entire group, and each individual customer to easily refer to his/her contract and ordered products.

I Never Know When Exactly to Deliver Goods to Clients

For each customer delivery location, HB SmartTrade records the days and times when goods can be delivered, or when a given location is closed. This is taken into account in sale documents, to ensure that goods are not delivered on days or at times inconvenient to clients. Delivery times can be used to instruct forwarding agents, to prevent him/her from arriving at a customer’s location during lunch break.

Products That Are Discontinued, or Soon Will Be, Can Still Be Sold

HB SmartTrade’s product status feature allows you to specify in which documents products can or cannot be used.

In addition, alerts can displayed, for example, if a given product will be discontinued in the near future, or is used within a document.

I Cannot Properly Categorise My Master Data, Which Makes It Harder to Create Accurate Sales Reports

HB SmartTrade adds five extra fields with underlying tables, which you can configure yourself, to the master data tables. These data are included in each transaction, and can easily be processed in reports, at any moment you desire.

This also applies to fields HB SmartTrade already adds to master data by default, such as: Brand, status (products), customer formulas and purchase organisations (clients).

Receiving and Delivering Purchase and Sales Orders Are Time-Consuming Administrative Activities

HB SmartTrade introduces a number of ‘shortcuts’, allowing you to faster perform activities such as:

  • Receipt and storage of goods through warehouse management functionality;
  • Purchase Order Entry;
  • Delivery of Sales Orders through warehouse management functionality;
  • Billing of anticipated purchase and sales costs;
  • Creation of sales documents, based on purchase documents (tenders, orders, contracts);
  • Creation of purchase documents, based on sales documents (tenders, orders, contracts).

What is the added value of HB SmartTrade?

HB SmartTrade is developed by team of motivated developers and consultants, who translate client ideas and suggestions into useful solutions for (international) trade organisations.

New functionalities are not conceived within a ‘development bunker’, but are inspired by daily practice, resulting in solutions that are actually used, up to 80-90%.

HB SmartTrade successfully verified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We are delighted and proud to inform you that our product HB SmartTrade has been officially certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

Certification is Microsoft’s highest achievable accreditation for software developed by partners for sector-specific business applications. To acquire this status, you have to meet a substantial number of technical, legal and commercial criteria.

This certification is your guarantee that HB SmartTrade has been tested for the following:

  1. Guaranteed continuity: In case of emergencies, the software can be made accessible by third parties, because of the possibility to connect an escrow agreement, if so desired;
  2. User satisfaction among organisations: Clients are willing to pro-actively testify that they like the solution;
  3. Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 2018
  4. The code meets Microsoft’s criteria and can therefore be understood by any third parties;
  5. Correct documentation and the availability of help files.

Our business software for (international) trading companies has been set up to provide an overview of the complex world of trade. It provides more insight, resulting in improved delivery and margin management.

Purchase and Sale

Margin per contract: Knowing how much you make


 Clear overview of all movements


Immediate payment processing: Genuine real-time data


 Inventory management: Optimized at all times 


Quality control: Certification made easy

One System

An all-in-one system for design, production and distribution